Ballots Bay Holiday Homes
“Uniquely situated on cliffs surrounded by fynbos overlooking a tiny Bay and within George Private Nature Reserve, with free roaming animals”

Adding to the mystique of this unique place is the legend of the lost iron treasure chest, believed to be wedged under the rocks in the bay. Shipwrecked, Baron von Mollendorf regretted the loss of his gold coins and jewels until his dying day. What he did not realize is the true treasure chest was the magnificent bay itself which he landed on.

Ostriches Roaming on the Reserve

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Tucked away between steeply falling green hills, lies Ballots Bay, a small beach carved out of the rugged Southern Cape coastline of the Garden Route in South Africa. The Bay is between Victoria Bay and Heralds Bay and 15 minutes from the​ town, shops, restaurants, cinemas and airport of George. Ballots Bay is sheltered from most winds, it is the perfect retreat for angler, beach lover or nature enthusiast. The rocky aquamarine cove sparkles like a jewel at the foot of a verdant river valley. It gives its name Ballot’s Bay, to a treasure chest of nature. Contained within the narrow 50 hectare confines of the valley itself, are five distinct ecological zones, supporting a wealth of flora and fauna. The bay and its surroundings, cover 500 hectares, officially named George Private Nature Reserve.​